How To Write the Perfect Product Page for your Software

How To Write the Perfect Product Page for your Software


A good product page is a product page which convinces appvizer’s audience to buy your software. Check out the following to evaluate the quality of your description:

  • Check if your product page ranks on Google’s first page of results when you search your service’s name. If it does, it means your page meets your leads’ needs.
  • Check out the number of impressions in the “Analysis” tab of your product page. If the number is high, it means you have filled in enough information for your page to meet appvizer’s users’ queries.
  • Check if the number of clicks* on the green call-to-action (CTA) button is greater than 50 clicks/month. If it is, it means your product page has convinced appvizer’s users to try your software.

*only if you have subscribed to a “Monthly Budget Ceiling” or if a “Prepaid Clicks Pack” has been purchased from your account manager.

The symbol

Asana icon

Your software’s symbol allows itself to be identified visually. 

  • It must be square, colored and legible;
  • The PNG format is preferred due to its quality of restitution (uncompressed format) and its ability to support transparency. To compress a PNG image without damaging it, use the online tool
  • Use a size between 128px and 256px for best results

We do not recommend using a logo instead of the symbol, as it may not be easy to read.

The name of the service 

The service name simply corresponds to the name of your software. 

The main and secondary categories 

Once your product page is activated, your software will appear in a maximum of 3 pages of the appvizer directory.

This 3-page limit allows you to work on targeting your future customers as efficiently as possible, thus guaranteeing your company visibility and quality traffic if your call to action is activated. 

We recommend that when you choose to do so, you find a balance between:

  • A very specific category, which corresponds perfectly to what you do and gives you precision. This should be the main category;
  • A popular category, which corresponds more or less to your software and gives you a lot of visibility;
  • A vertical category that corresponds to your clients’ business sector to reach a specific audience.

To discover the list of categories classified from most to least popular and the products currently listed, consult this page.

Size of the target companies

Being precise when inputting the size of your target companies allows you to work on the quality of your visibility and traffic.

This feature guarantees that your software appears in the results of the search engine or in the filters of the comparison only to the right audience.

Your software is also displayed in advertising format* only in appvizer articles corresponding to these targeted company sizes. 

*Advertising of your software is activated in the articles if you have subscribed to a “Monthly Budget Ceiling” or if a “Prepaid Click Pack: has been purchased from your account manager.

The title 

The title is the sentence that will accompany your symbol everywhere on appvizer. 

Example of the title of a product in the directory

It is a very visual communication element that must convince the user to choose you instead of your competitor. 

When defining your title, we recommend:

  • To highlight what sets you apart from the competition ;
  • Use simple, easy-to-understand language. Get to the point;
  • To talk about what your customers benefit from using your software rather than listing your features;
  • Directly indicate who your software is intended for;
  • Avoid mentioning your category. Your software already appears in a contextualized way.

Example: “Easy management of social networks for key accounts”

The video

Videos are a dynamic format that are increasingly used by Internet users. 

It has the advantage of showing your software in action.

We recommend you:

  • Make a video of 2 minutes maximum. Internet users get bored with anything beyond that, and will not watch the rest of the video;
  • To present the benefits of your future customers to use your software;
  • To make a concrete demonstration of your solution so that users can project themselves into the future use of your software;
  • To illustrate the usefulness of your solution with customer testimonials.

💡 Tip: you can verify the quality of your video with this tool.

Featured image

Featured Image
Display of featured image

The featured image is the first visual contact users have with your product page. 

Its objective is to attract, reassure, and seduce your future customers.

We recommend you:

  • Use a size of 1000px maximum x 300px ;
  • To prefer a PNG ou JPG format with little compression;
  • To choose a marketing oriented image rather than informative, as it gives an atmosphere to your product page. It must also contain only a small amount of text and it must be centered ( the image can be cropped depending on the resolution of the page);
  • Not to use your logo, as it is already present on your page.

The description

Description Asana
Example of description

The description of your software is at the heart of your presentation.

It allows your future customers to determine if your solution meets their needs and to prefer it to those of your competitors. 

We recommend that you comply with the following good practices:

  • Length: write between 150 and 700 words (between 1000 and 5000 characters). A detailed description ensures that you have covered the subject in depth.
  • Quick comprehension : adopt a descriptive style and a simple and easily understandable vocabulary.
  • Potential buyer engagement: introduce your presentation with one or two powerful sentences summarizing your product and its benefits;
  • Convince: present the differentiating advantages of your software compared to competitors
  • Readability: structure your content with titles, paragraphs, bold words, and bullet points;
  • Natural referencing: use important keywords regularly in titles and paragraphs.
    • Credibility: answer your prospects’ typical questions
    • What does your software do?
    • What are its advantages?
    • Who is it intended for? 
    • How to set it up? 
    • Why choose your software over your competitor’s? 

Here are the bad practices that must be avoided:

  • Introduce yourself instead of describing the software : Do not say “we”. A descriptive style such as “{software} is a software of {category} made for {target}…” is preferred. 
  • Over-sell your software: such as “the best”, “the most complete”, “the most ergonomic”. Users will judge these points based on your features, video, screenshots, etc.  
  • Not respecting the conditions of use: not adding links, phone numbers, or commercial hooks that will be deleted automatically (ex: |30 days free” must only be used in the call to action).
  • Copy content already published: you can significantly improve your SEO with a good description in appvizer, but the content copied and pasted from your site only brings penalties and will waste your time. 

The advantages

Strengths allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a synthetic way. These are particularly useful when appvizer users make comparisons between several software programs. 

We recommend listing 3 strengths in 5 to 10 words maximum. 


Screenshots are also an initial contact between your future customers and your software.

They allow future customers to start projecting themselves on the use and utility of your solution. 

We recommend that you illustrate the main features and highlight the interface of your software by respecting the following technical characteristics: 

  • Size: format 16:9, all your screenshots should be identical
  • Format: uncompressed JPG or PNG.
  • In the description, put at least the name of the software

Here are some bad practices that can harm the presentation of your software:

  • Size: choosing different sizes for each screenshot.
  • Format: use a highly compressed JPG (the image will be pixelized). 
  • Style: put a lot of text, a white background.
  • In the name of the file, do not have the name of the software

Feel free to compress your images as much as possible without degrading their quality. Many online tools exist such as

Customer references 

The purpose of customer references is to reassure your future customers (other professionals have already trusted you and are satisfied).

To highlight this essential element of communication in the purchasing decision of your future customers, we recommend you:

  • To include the logos of your most famous customers to ensure your credibility;
  • To choose good quality logos in square format for a consistent look;
  • Use image sizes greater than 128px to obtain quality visuals.
Asana references

💡 To retrieve a square and compressed format of your customers’ logo, use Clearbit. Enter the company name or domain name and download the image in PNG format. You can also retrieve the logo on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Connected applications

Today’s professionals use many software programs to carry out their various missions.

However, this multitude of tools greatly complicates information systems.

Using already pre-connected software simplifies these data exchanges and greatly facilitates the daily lives of professionals.

If your solution has connections with other software, it is therefore a significant advantage that should be highlighted.

Although appvizer references nearly 25,000 software, do not hesitate to contact your account manager if the connected application was not present on appvizer.


Certifications are trusted third parties that reassure your future customers about the quality of your product.

Depending on the business sector, this element can be decisive in the purchasing decision because it can demonstrate good compliance with the laws in force and the conformity of the solution.

Although appvizer references a large number of certifications, do not hesitate to contact your account manager if the required certification was not present on appvizer.

Features and versions

Adding features

Filling in the functionalities thoroughly allows you to achieve several objectives:

  • You are demonstrating the full power of your solution;
  • Your future customers can verify that your solution covers the full range of their needs;
  • With each feature you add, you increase the opportunities to appear in appvizer users’ searches, and in the end, the visibility of your software is increased.

To add your features, we recommend that you:

  1. Start by choosing a feature group
  2. Select the features of your software from the features offered. 
Add a feature group and insert a function

💡 Tip: You can also search for features directly with the search tool “What does your application do?”

Add a feature directly

Set up different versions

You have the possibility to customize the presence of a feature or not according to the formula of your software (ex: Free, Pro, Premium, etc. )

Providing these details on your software allows users to check that the features they need are in line with their budget.  

This transparency allows you to filter users who have not subscribed to your solution and improve the quality of your traffic*.

*Advertising of your software is activated in the articles if you have subscribed to a “Monthly Budget Ceiling” or if a “Prepaid Click Pack” has been purchased from your account manager.

Add a version

💡 Tip: It is not necessary to indicate your entire price catalog. To remain readable and facilitate the understanding of your offer, we recommend that you enter clear and simple prices with distinct functionalities between each version.

The call-to-action button (CTA)

Whatever stage they are at (discovery of a need, interest in a category of software, consideration of a particular solution), professionals are supported by appvizer in their software selection process.

Our technology allows us to display ads that always present your software in a contextualized way to provide you with quality traffic.

The last step before redirecting traffic to your site is that the advertising of your software must be worked with particular care to maximize your return on investment.

Wrike CTA
Example of Call To Action in the product page

Due to this, we recommend:

  • Take care of your call to action: propose an action specific to your service (e. g. “Free Registration”) or an exclusive offer (e. g. “-20% for 1 year”) to stimulate the desire to discover your solution. This text must be identical to the one your future customer will find on your website for more consistency.
  • To carefully choose your destination URL:
    • Forward traffic to a landing page with the call to action message
    • Optimize your conversion rate by testing several messages
    • Encourage visitors to register or provide contact information (remove navigation menus and links)
  • Install a tracking script on your site: measure the profitability of your appvizer traffic and optimize your campaigns. Learn more about it.
    • Install the appvizer tracking and measure all your conversions, even post view.
    • Enable automatic Google Analytics tracking if you use Google’s analytics solution.

💡 Tip: You have improvements to make on your site? You can enable/disable your appvizer campaign whenever you want.

And then what?

Other actions can allow you to take full advantage of the appvizer audience once your product sheet is online.

We particularly recommend the following actions:

  • Generate opinions on your product sheet. 96% of decision-makers consult opinions before purchasing;
  • Optimize the distribution of your advertising by enabling geographical targeting of users;
  • Is your market international? Take advantage of the different appvizer sites and translate your product sheet. Learn more about it.