Create a good software product page

Create a good software product page

A good product page is key to convince the audience of appvizer to buy your software. Check out the following to evaluate the quality of your description:

  • Good ranking in Google results
  • The number of impressions in the ‘analysis’ service of appvizer
  • A significant number of clicks on the call-to-action button
  • A conversion rate on your site between 20 and 75%

Featured Image

The featured image is the first visual interaction with your product page.

Featured Image


  • Size: 1000px x 400px
  • Format: JPG slightly compressed or PNG
  • Style: colorful, little text, more marketing driven than informative
  • Objective: to attract, reassure, persuade


  • Size: 400px x 400px (too small and squared)
  • Format: JPG very compressed (the image will be too pixelated)
  • Style: too much text, phone number listed, white background


Description Asana


  • Length: between 150 and 700 words (between 1000 and 5000 characters)
  • Easy to understand:  write in a descriptive style
  • Obtain your potential client’s buying commitment: Introduce your presentation with one or two strong sentences summarizing your product
  • Convince: Why your software? Present your differentiating advantage points
  • Easy to read: Structure the content with titles, paragraphs, words in bold and bullet points
  • Organic referencing:  Make frequent use of important keywords in titles and paragraphs
  • Credibility: respond to user questions:
    • What does your software do?
    • What are the advantages?
    • Who does it target?
    • How to set it up?
    • Who choose your software over a competitor’s?


  • Introduce yourself instead of describing the software: Do not write ‘We’; use a more descriptive style ‘{software} is a {software category} software made for {target audience}
  • Oversell your software: <The best> ,<The most complete>, <the most ergonomic>, etc. Users will judge on these points due to your functionality, your video, screenshots, etc.
  • Not respecting the terms of conditions: Do not add links, phone numbers or commercial hooks. They will be automatically deleted (ex, “30 day free trial” should only be used in the call-to-action)
  • Copy already existing content:  You can significantly improve your organic traffic (SEO) with a good description on appvizer. However, copying and pasting content from your site will cause you to be penalized and you will waste time.

Call-to-Action (CTA) button

Wrike CTA

  • Call-to-action: Suggest a call-to-action specific to your services (ex. “Free registration”) or an exclusive offer (ex “20% off for a year”)
  • Destination URL:  appvizer facilitates you to use a conversion tunnel that you need to use wisely
    • Direct traffic to a landing page containing a call-to-action message
    • Optimize your conversion rate by testing multiple messages
    • Force visitors to sign up or fill in their details (remove navigation menus and links)


Asana icon

Your software logo allows for visual recognition.

  • The logo must be square, colorful and readable.
  • PNG format is preferable for its rendition quality (uncompressed format) and its ability to support transparency. To compress a PNG image without damaging it, use ImageOptim (on Mac OS) or RIOT (on Windows).  
  • Use a size between 128px and 256px for best results.

Avoid using a logo instead of an icon as a logo as it may not be very readable.

Customer references

Asana references

To obtain a square and compressed format of your customer’s logo, use Clearbit. Enter the company’s name or domain name and upload the image in PNG format. 

The image must be square and larger than 128px